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NPK(8-0-2)+organic 20%+amino 5%

A product of highly concentrated water soluble with concentration of organic matter and amino acid.

Product Description:

This is an organic product from natural fresh water lake with natural moisture which contains a full spectrum of natural biologically active ingredients

The product is balanced with essential nutrients

It is a highly efficient natural organic fertilizer applied for all types of soils and all kinds of fruit and vegetables, ornament plants, trees and bushes.


Stimulates root and plant growth, accelerate seed germination

Increases mass of fruit and plants

Reduces soil salinization

Raises plant resistance to disease, heat and frost damage – has no limitation on use in soil management and agriculture

Reduces dependence on chemicals and fertilizer requirement

Does not contain pathogenic micro flora, seeds of weeds and genetically modified organisms


5 years’ stable useful effect in soil

Ecological friendly

Up to 100% harvest increase

Soil cleaning and mobilization

Rich in bioactive matters


For soil treatment dilute concentrated this in the ratio of 1:300/400 with irrigation water. Apply irrigation solution directly in to the soil once in every 10 to 15 days

If amount of water per square meter is between 6 to 8 liters, dilute concentrated it in the ratio of 1:200/300 with fresh irrigating water. Apply the irrigation solution directly in to soil once every 15 – 21 days. Field norms is 200L per hectare.

For seed treatment – Dilute 10-20 ml of the concentrated in 1 liter of fresh water. Soak the seeds in the diluted solution for 10 – 12 Hours. Plant seeds as recommended. Continue to apply irrigation solution every 15- 21 days